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What is the Patient/
Caregiver Charter?

The Global Heart Hub Patient/Caregiver Charter outlines a set of expectations and responsibilities to support the creation and implementation of an internationally accepted standard of care for individuals living with Heart Failure (HF) and their caregivers.

The overall goal of this Charter is to support the development of optimal high-quality care and to promote its adoption internationally across all healthcare systems.

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It calls on…

Why do we need a Patient & Caregiver Charter for HF?

The healthcare available to HF patients varies widely across the world. This Charter serves as a tool for stakeholders in HF such as government, healthcare providers, insurance companies, patients and caregivers to identify and resolve local issues and take opportunities to implement change. It unites us to work collaboratively towards a common goal of improving the lives of individuals living with HF, which in return benefits patients, caregivers, and society as a whole.

The aim

  • Improve the overall quality of life for individuals with HF throughout the care pathway.

  • Establish a core set of patient/caregiver expectations that would be incorporated into an internationally accepted standard of care for HF, which would optimise patients’ quality of life and reduce HF-related mortality and hospitalisations.

  • Establish a core set of patient/caregiver responsibilities to empower individuals with HF to manage their health and enjoy a better quality of life.

  • Call upon policymakers, healthcare providers and payors to recognise HF as a serious, chronic condition which requires a united effort from awareness through to treatment and care.

  • Foster effective collaboration between all stakeholders – patients/caregivers, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, policymakers and payors.

  • Ensure that the important role of patients and caregivers is recognised in future research activities, the development of treatment guidelines and overall cardiovascular disease
    health policy.

This Charter has its origins in the HeartLife Foundation Canadian HF Patient Charter ( and has been adapted by the Global Heart Hub, in partnership with patients and family carers globally. 

This Charter is endorsed by Global Heart Hub Affiliates, including: