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As an alliance of patient-driven organisations, Global Heart Hub believes that all people living with cardiovascular disease deserve the highest quality of care and equal access to recognised gold standard treatments. Global, collective action is needed to combat the challenges associated with cardiovascular disease—including misdiagnosis, undertreatment, and inequitable care—and to improve the lives of all those living with the disease.

Global Heart Hub works to raise awareness and understanding of heart disease, share best practices and treatment guidelines, uplift patient voices, and drive tangible change to policy and practice through our network of affiliates and advocates.

Become an Affiliate with Global Heart Hub to:

  • Build Community: Affiliates have the opportunity to connect with heart patient organisations and advocates from around the world to collaborate, share best practices, and be part of the global conversation on heart disease.

  • Access Resources & Support: Affiliates can receive research findings, publications and resources such as campaign materials, toolkits, and position papers that can be leveraged to meet their goals. Affiliates also gain access to direct support from the GHH team and the wider network for training, workshops, and networking opportunities.

  • Advocate for Change: Affiliates participate in global advocacy and awareness campaigns, creating a collective voice in driving improvements in cardiac care. Patient organisations may also take part in working groups and patient councils that focus advocacy efforts within particular issues within the cardiovascular space.

Two Types of Affiliation with Global Heart Hub

Patient Organisations: A charity, social enterprise or not-for-profit that has come together to highlight the needs of heart patients and their carers. Organisations must be patient-led with leadership and membership predominantly comprised of those living with a cardiovascular condition, carers or patient advocates.

Individual Patient Advocates: Heart patients or carers motivated to advocate for the needs of those living with, or affected by, heart disease. While Individual Patient Advocates do not sit on the patient councils, there are opportunities to engage with the councils, patient organisations, and other individual advocates, and can access resources, training, and support.

What is the Affiliation Process?

There is no cost to affiliating with Global Heart Hub. Patient organisations or individual advocates who wish to join Global Heart Hub should register their interest with the form linked below. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us directly at

You will need to complete an affiliate survey to finalize the process, and you will be invited to meet with GHH to discuss the resources and opportunities available to you. If you do not meet the standard criteria for affiliation, unfortunately you will not be eligible to join GHH.

Not an Affiliate, But Still Want to Connect?

Global Heart Hub would love to hear from and collaborate with organisations and individuals working on issues related or relevant to the cardiovascular community, such as health and health policy research institutions, wider health advocacy groups, patient-organisations of related diseases, policymakers, and clinical communities. If you’re interested in connecting with GHH, please to reach out to us directly at

Looking to Join a Patient Organisation?

 See our affiliate’s map for your local patient organisation.

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