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This is an exciting time for Global Heart Hub. Our organisation is continuously growing our impactful activities in the areas of advocacy, cardiovascular health awareness and patient/ public education. We work with a variety of stakeholders including patients, clinicians, academics, research institutes and industry as we strive to improve health outcomes for people living with heart disease. We recognise the importance of collaboration and welcome being involved in projects funded by the European Union as they focus on addressing health challenges through innovation and multidisciplinary engagement. 

Global Heart Hub strive to ensure the patient voice is heard, represented and meaningfully engaged throughout our collaborations. We can also engage and involve our extensive network of patient organisations across the globe to communicate and disseminate project outcomes, key messages and ‘lessons learned’. Here you can have a look at the extent of our reach.

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Harmonized Approach to Early Feasibility Studies for Medical Devices in the European Union (HEU-EFS) is a four-year IHI research project which aims to develop a shared and innovative program entirely dedicated to conducting Early Feasibility Studies (EFS) in the European Union for medical devices.

This project is led by Bocconi’s Center for Research on Health and Social Care Management (CERGAS) and Edwards Lifesciences and it has received €10.53 million in funding from the European Commission and €8.47 million from industry partners, for a total of €19 million, as part of the Horizon program.

The consortium has 22 partners among which there are universities, hospitals, contract research organisations (CROs), patient associations, health technology assessment agencies and small- and medium-sized firms, 6 industrial partners, and an extensive Advisory Board with regulatory authorities, notified bodies and professional associations.

Global Heart Hub is part of the consortium and is teaming up with the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) to advance patient centricity in the project.

Why is the project important?

In recent years, regulators in various countries have been taking a closer look at how health technologies get approved for the market. Attention has been paid to the quantity, type and quality of evidence needed for the approval of medical devices, which has been traditionally considered weaker than for drugs and sometimes insufficient to fully ensure patients’ safety, especially for implantable, high-risk medical devices. For this reason, EU Regulations on medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics, and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) were established to promote a stricter process for clinical evidence generation before medical devices can enter the market and be used by patients.

This is where EFS come in. EFS are small-scale research studies or tests done in the very early stages of developing a medical device or treatment to see if it is practical, safe, and worth pursuing further. EFS help assess whether an idea or concept has potential before investing more time and resources into full-scale development and testing.

Currently, there are no standardised procedural rules or guidelines for conducting EFS in the EU. The ambition of the HEU-EFS project is to create a harmonised framework for the EU EFS programme. This programme is a crucial opportunity to introduce patient perspectives early on, benefitting all stakeholders involved in the development and use of medical devices.

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