Guiding Principles

Our Definition of a Heart Patient Organisation

In the context of Global Heart Hub, we view patient organisations as any group of individuals who have come together to highlight the needs of heart patients and their carers, and to advocate for equity and equality of access to internationally-recognised best practice in detection, diagnosis, treatment and care.

A defining criteria is that leadership and membership of the patient group is predominantly comprised of those living with a cardiovascular condition, carers or patient advocates.

Our Funding Model

Our work is largely funded through grants from industry, which are either unrestricted or by way of sponsorship of specific activity initiated by Global Heart Hub in support of our mission. We believe that ethical and transparent collaboration between industry and patient organisations contributes to valuable and important healthcare discussions, which ultimately lead to improved outcomes for patients. We undertake to, at all times, disclose the names of all our industry funders; seek support from multiple funders (to avoid real or perceived exclusive relationships); and only work with those companies who abide by our code of conduct on working with industry.

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