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Working Groups are comprised of representatives from Patient Organisation Affiliates who connect to explore particular challenges or to work in partnership on specific projects or issues such as the interrelationship between heart disease and diabetes or gender disparities in access to treatment and care. Some Working Groups are formed for once off or short-term initiatives, while others evolve to more sustained engagement as Patient Councils. Current Working Groups include a Women & Heart Disease Working Group, a Cardio-Diabetes Working Group and an ASCVD Working Group.

News from the Women & Heart Working Group

Global Heart Hub hosts patient-led Roundtable on Late, Missed and Misdiagnosis of Heart Disease in Women

On April 22, Global Heart Hub, in collaboration with our Women & Heart Disease Working Group, was delighted to host a roundtable in Madrid, Spain, bringing together 27 participants from across 15 countries, including women with lived experience, patient organisation leaders, public health experts, researchers and clinicians to focus on late, missed and misdiagnosis of heart disease in women.

Stay tuned for our consensus paper!

This event was hosted with support from the Centre for Research Equity at Oxford University, London, represented by Dr Paula Wray, who is collaborating with GHH in preparing a consensus paper to drive impactful change and foster practical solutions to this pressing issue.

News from the ASCVD Working Groups

Global Cholesterol Action plan - cover

Global Heart Hub launches Global Cholesterol Action Plan

In 2022 the Global Heart Hub unveiled its Global Cholesterol Action Plan to reduce the impact of unhealthy cholesterol levels. The Global Cholesterol Action Plan follows and builds upon the World Heart Federation’s Roadmap for Cholesterol published in 2022.

In launching the Global Cholesterol Action Plan, the Global Heart Hub hopes to implement change in the way unhealthy cholesterol levels are prevented and managed at local levels to reduce atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), the leading cause of mortality worldwide and responsible for more than 15 million deaths each year. The action plan outlines four clear goals to ensure unhealthy cholesterol levels are addressed as a public health priority: build alliances, raise public awareness, activate alliances, and improve high cholesterol detection and management.

The four-point plan proposes measures we can take to meet these goals and activate change in the way ASCVD is prevented and treated.

Read more from our press release here.

News from the Cardio-Diabetes Working Groups

Publication of GHH Cardio-Diabetes Think Tank outputs in The World Heart Federation’s Global Heart Journal

In 2022, Global Heart Hub held a Cardio-Diabetes Think Tank to develop consensus on actions that need to be taken to address the growing burden of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Across the world, diabetes affects almost half a billion people, who have a twofold increased risk of CVD.

We are delighted to communicate that the findings from the think tank have now been published in The World Heart Federation’s Global Heart Journal.

The patient-led think tank brought together leading representatives of key international CVD and diabetes patient, nursing, primary and secondary care organisations, to produce a consensus report outlining specific, tangible actions needed to improve care for patients with these concomitant diseases. It calls for key players in both communities to work together to implement these actions, putting patients at the centre of decision-making to enhance cardio-diabetes outcomes.

Read the article in The Global Heart Journal here

Cardio-Diabetes Think Tank: Call To Action

Global Heart Hub, in collaboration with leading representatives of key international CVD and Diabetes patient, nursing, primary and secondary care organisations, has developed this patient-led Call to Action to focus a spotlight on patient care for type 2 diabetes and CVD.

This Call to Action aims to galvanise the cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes communities to advocate for increased attention and new strategies to address the critical interrelationship between these two conditions. It establishes specific tangible actions which are needed to elevate this issue across all stakeholders with the aim of improving care and patient outcomes.

Read our call to action now

Cardio-Diabetes Roundtable Report

Throughout the latter part of 2020, over 30 international patient organisations representing the heart and diabetes communities participated in a series of round-table discussions on the interface between diabetes and heart disease. The outputs from this collective engagement will result in a Cardio-Diabetes ‘Think Tank’ scheduled to take place in May 2022.

Read our Roundtable report now: Promoting Cardiovascular Health in People Living With, or at Risk of, Type 2 Diabetes: Priorities for Collaboration between the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Patient Communities

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