Global Heart Hub Team Spotlight: Silvia Scalabrini

Meet Silvia! Silvia Scalabrini joined Global Heart Hub in 2023 as our Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Lead. Based in Munich, Germany, Silvia is Italian and speaks Italian, English and German and is currently learning Greek.

Advocating for herself and family members always felt rewarding for Silvia. “I always thought that having a say in your own care, as well as the way healthcare services are planned, designed and delivered should be embedded within healthcare settings and systems. I soon learned that facilitating the patients’ input into those processes, working in multi-stakeholder environments to make that happen was bringing about tangible impact and change,” says Silvia.

A highlight for Silvia in her work with Global Heart Hub is working with the patient community on a global scale. “The richness of the stories within our communities along with the cultural diversity are a great asset to the work we do, allowing us to learn from each other and discover new ways of doing and thinking about advocacy. I am humbled by the continuous learning opportunities,” says Silvia.

Silvia’s advice to people looking to work with patient organisations and advocates is to be kind and never forget to offer a smile to patients and those working in advocacy organisations. “Take the time to listen and learn what it really means to live with any condition or be a carer to someone. Be humble. Be there and support them to feel empowered and in control of their advocacy journey,” says Silvia.

Outside of work, Silvia loves travelling and learning from people from all over the world. Silvia enjoys the beaches, cuisines and villages within the beautiful Mediterranean Sea; supporting homeless people and those in need; spend time with family in her home country, beautiful Italy; long-distance cycling and finding ways to meet up with her friends who are now spread all over Europe!

Thank you Silvia for being part of the Global Heart Hub team! Learn more about our team here.