Global Heart Hub Team Spotlight: Joanna Perkowska

Meet Joanna! Joanna Perkowska joined Global Heart Hub in May 2022 and is our Graphic and Website Design Lead. Joanna was born in Poland and now lives in Ireland.

As someone who comes from a family with a history of cardiovascular disease, Joanna is more than aware of the significance of the efforts that Global Heart Hub is making to improve cardiovascular health. “It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the Global Heart Hub team and to be able to contribute my skill set to these efforts. I really enjoy collaborating with our Affiliates on our impactful campaigns and projects,” says Joanna.

One project that truly stands out for Joanna is the Unite Annual Summit in which she describes the atmosphere as “electric”. “The presence of patients, carers, thought leaders and those who are committed to making a difference in the field of cardiovascular disease is truly remarkable. The learnings and idea-sharing that takes place is very inspiring. It shows evidence of the value of teamwork and how it may improve our lives,” says Joanna.

Joanna encourages anyone interested in working with patient organisations to find a local or national organisations doing this kind of work and reach out to get involved.

In her free time, Joanna likes doing arts and crafts, playing board games and acting like a fisherman! Her go-to productivity tricks are coffee and music.

Thank you, Joanna, for being part of the Global Heart Hub team! Learn more about our team here.