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Unite Annual Summit 2022

Unite Summit – Day 1 – Welcome

Unite Summit – Day 1 – Closing Remarks

Unite Summit – Day 2 – Welcome

Unite Summit – Day 2 – Closing Remarks

Sustainable Fundraising

 Perspectives on CVD Prevention

Heart Disease and Mental Health

Focus On: A Brighter Future for Cardiomyopathy Patients?

How Can Cardiovascular Patient Organisations Grow & Professionalise

Focus On: The Optimal Pathway in Heart Failure

Focus On: Shared Decision-making in Heart Valve Disease

Focus On: Women and Cardiovascular Disease

Achieving Political Impact

Focus On: Launching A Global Cholesterol Action Plan

Unite Annual Summit 2021

Unite Summit Welcome Day 1

COVID-19 & CVD – A Catalyst for Change

Influencing Policy – The Patient Voice

Unite Summit Closing Remarks Day 1

Unite Summit Welcome Day 2

Meet the Experts – Heart Failure

Meet the Experts – Heart Valve Disease

Technology Changes – Implications for CVD Patients

Meet the Experts – Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease ASCVD

Unite Summit Closing Remarks Day 2

Empower Webinar Series

Heart Failure – Your Guide to Your Journey

دليلك لرحلتك مع قصور القلب

Living with Congenital Heart Disease

Viviendo con la enfermedad congénita del corazón

How Patients can Advocate for themselves with Clinicians

Wie Patienten sich bei Ärtzten für sich selbst einsetzen können

Cómo los pacientes pueden hablar por ellos mismos con los médicos

Comment les patients peuvent-ils défendre leurs intérêts auprès des cliniciens?

Inspire Speaker Series

An extraordinary patient story of mobilising adversity for good

Nurturing Patient Advocacy and Building Sustainable Patient Organisations

What can CVD patient advocates learn from the Rare Diseases community?

Fighting the #1 Killer of Women: Empowering Patients as Advocates

How to Communicate Using Digital Media

Introduction to Advocacy for Patient Organisations

Having a Voice

Patients of the Future, Patient – Clinician Partnerships

Evolution of Patient Leadership

Advocating for Yourself


Why Genetics Matter in Cardiomyopathy?

Invisible Nation Facebook Live 2023

Heart Failure at Fokus Patient Event

Heart Valve Disease at Fokus Patient Event

Invisible Nation: Exposing the realities of ASCVD

Prioritising your Heart Health

Heart Valve Disease: Working Together to Create a Better Patient Journey

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