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Upcoming Event:

FOKUS Patient® Event 2022

When: 3 – 5 October, 2022

Where: City Conference Center, Stockholm

Cardiovascular Diseases, CVD Forum

Global Heart Hub in collaboration with FOKUS Patient®

Global Heart Hub is proud to partner with FOKUS Patient® to co-organise a forum with an oversight of the biggest CVD’s like heart failure and heart valve diseases, but also about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which more people need to be aware of. More knowledge is also needed about the connection between cardiovascular diseases and other diagnoses like diabetes, kidney diseases, cancer, or stroke. Through extensive R&D activities all over the world and a greater participation from patients to drive development in using new methods and new treatments, more people with CVD can survive.

For more information and to register visit: https://fokuspatient.se/fokus-event-2022/

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Recent Event:

Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week

When: 12 – 18 September, 2022

Where: Online

If you are over 65 and those small, everyday tasks feel more like a big ordeal, listen to your heart as it could mean you have heart valve disease. Ask your doctor for a stethoscope check at least once a year. Heart valve disease is common, serious, but treatable.

Follow the campaign using #ListenToYourHeart #valveweek22

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