Global Heart Hub launches program to put the spotlight on an ‘Invisible Nation’ living with ASCVD – the world’s #1 killer

  • The Global Heart Hub which is a worldwide network of heart patient organisations is united to effect systemic change in tackling ASCVD by reducing and preventing many of the 15 million annual global deaths from this disease.
  • Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (abbreviated to ASCVD) is the underlying cause of 85% of heart attack and stroke related deaths
  • In a unique collaboration, the Global Heart Hub is partnering with Novartis to help highlight the ‘Invisible Nation’ living with ASCVD and to reduce preventable loss of life and the associated economic burden on healthcare systems

Galway, Ireland, October 19, 2021

The Global Heart Hub is pleased to launch Invisible Nation, a program aimed to expose and respond to the realities of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) – a silent, chronic disease which affects 300 million people across the world. Working with a global network of heart patient organisations and heart patient advocates, and created in partnership with Novartis, Invisible Nation aims to engage with all the stakeholders in cardiovascular diseases.

Invisible Nation will advocate for policy-shaping efforts to rewrite how governments, health systems and all stakeholders can work together to change the trajectory of ASCVD and begin a generational decline in CV death. This program will help reduce the 15 million ASCVD deaths per year and the enormous financial costs of continued inaction by shedding light on this undeniable global public health issue, hidden in plain sight.

Even though the great majority of ASCVD-related deaths are preventable, most countries are nowhere near attaining the World Health Organization (WHO) goal of a 25% reduction in CV mortality by 2025. By putting a spotlight on the number 1 cause of heart attacks, strokes, and death, Invisible Nation intends to ignite discourse, inspire action, and activate systemic change to make the burden of undiagnosed and unmanaged ASCVD un-ignorable.

“Many will be surprised to learn that millions and millions of people die each year from ASCVD, and they will be even more surprised when they realize that this terrible loss of life is roughly 60% higher than the number of deaths attributed to cancer,” says Neil Johnson, Executive Director of the Global Heart Hub. “This is a shocking fact, when you consider that up to 80% of CV events could be prevented. Patient organizations have a responsibility and now the opportunity to highlight the realities of ASCVD and expose the barriers for people living with it to reach better health outcomes.  Increased awareness is the first step in activating change.”

“There won’t be many people who don’t have a story to tell about a loved one who has been affected by cardiovascular disease. ASCVD is a leading cause of this global heart disease crisis and we cannot ignore it. This is something close to my heart and I’m proud that Novartis is partnering with Global Heart Hub to enact change. We will continue to work with partners from around the world to highlight this Invisible Nation and ensure people with ASCVD get the care they need,” said Marie-France Tschudin, President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Starting today, the Global Heart Hub will begin working with its affiliates to engage stakeholders to develop an action plan and align on specific initiatives designed to help governments and health systems reach the WHO goal of a 25% reduction in CV mortality by 2025. Novartis will assist this community-driven movement by helping coalition members access the information and evidence needed to engage with local health systems, health authorities and policymakers.

If you are a patient advocate, patient or professional organization from the cardiovascular community, you are a voice that represents this Invisible Nation and you can help make a difference.

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