GHH Valve Disease Patient Council Supports US National Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22nd

Chair of the GHH Heart Valve Disease Patient Council, Wil Woan has issued a statement of support for the upcoming National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day in the USA.

“I am pleased to join this awareness initiative led by Alliance for Aging Research and its partners. The goal of this annual awareness day is to increase recognition of the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease, improve detection and treatment, and save lives.

The Global Heart Hub’s mission is to identify and unite heart disease patient organisations across the world, and initiatives like this illustrate why these alliances are so important and how effective they can be. By partnering with 69+ non-profits, advocacy organisations, professional societies and hospitals, we can increase the strength and reach of our materials, raising awareness of valve disease, saving lives and ensuring the best possible post-treatment quality of life.

Collectively with our global partners, we share a common purpose in addressing the challenges of cardiovascular disease and initiatives like Valve Disease Awareness Day and September’s European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week strengthen our partnerships and increase the reach and power of our message exponentially.

Education and awareness is central to reducing the number of severe cases of valve disease, as well as ensuring those treated get the right treatment at the right time. Initiatives like Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day and European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week enable us to reduce the number of people who experience heart attacks, develop heart failure, suffer from stroke or become disabled and lose their independence.

Our partnerships and collective efforts continue to improve the cardiovascular landscape and ensure that we can continue to deliver for our patients.”

Wil Woan,
Chair of the Heart Valve Disease Patient Council