Global Heart Hub supports the work of the RESIL-Card consortium

RESIL-Card is an EU4Health funded project managed by a consortium of four partners dedicated to enhancing the resilience of European healthcare systems in providing cardiovascular care. The project aims to develop and implement a protocol-based tool enabling cardiovascular stakeholders assess and address the gaps in care systems, ensuring continuity during crises. Global Heart Hub is delighted to support the work of the consortium in its efforts around communication and dissemination.

The RESIL-Card project will contribute to reducing the burden of CVD by identifying and defining disruptions of cardiovascular care pathways driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learned during this crisis to ensure the continuity of CVD care in the future. By providing a resilience assessment tool and a set of recommendations for the maintenance of essential critical care that cannot be discontinued in any situation, the project supports the NCD policies and corresponding actions led by Member States, including the creation of knowledge and resources that may be used by relevant entities to develop or refine regional, national or international guidelines. Ultimately, the project will directly improve the access to care by CVD patients during and after crises, thereby reducing the burden of the disease.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s EU4Health work programme under grant agreement No. 101129203.