Global Heart Hub joins EUPATI partnership – supporting shared goal of enhancing patient engagement through education

November 29, 2023

Global Heart Hub, the International Alliance of Heart Patient Organisations and EUPATI, the European Patients’ Academy of Therapeutic Innovation, are both delighted to be entering into a partnership.

By joining forces, the voices of those living with or affected by cardiovascular disease in the area of medicines research and development can be enhanced. EUPATI is a non-profit Foundation with a multi-stakeholder structure representing patient organisations, pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions. EUPATI provides education and training to patients and patient representatives in medicines research and development with the EUPATI Open Classroom and its EUPATI Toolbox.

EUPATI Partnership

Global Heart Hub is the first global alliance of heart patient organisations aiming to provide a unified voice for cardiovascular disease patients as well as those affected. “Our goal at Global Heart Hub is to unite patients and strengthen the patient voice around the globe to help improve the lives of people living with cardiovascular disease. By joining the EUPATI partnership, we will strengthen the position of our patients and patient representatives as valued stakeholders. The EUPATI partnership echoes our goal to empower the patient community so that they can effectively engage and partner in research and development,” says Neil Johnson, Global Heart Hub Executive Director.

Similarly, “EUPATI’s vision is improving health outcomes by including patients as valued stakeholders in medicines research and development. We provide education that empowers patients to engage and partner with all stakeholders in this process. Our goals in this regard are aligned with that of the Global Heart Hub. EUPATI sees that wide-reaching patient alliances committed to supporting capacity enhancing efforts across the different patient organisations, are essential in strengthening the patient voice in research, bringing about improved patient outcomes. We look forward to our close collaboration,” stated Executive Director of EUPATI, Maria Dutarte.

Both Global Heart Hub and EUPATI aim to ensure patients are in the best position possible to be equal stakeholders and ultimately improve their health outcomes and quality of life.