Global Heart Hub Concern for People of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine with its resultant catastrophic loss of life, injury and disability, human displacement and devastating impact on healthcare provision and infrastructure is a matter of deep distress and concern.

As the global alliance of heart patient organisations, we stand united with all those who abhor and condemn this situation. We appeal for an immediate end to this aggression and further appeal for a swift and peaceful resolution.

While the impact of this crisis has far reaching effects on so many, we are particularly concerned by the consequences for those living with, or affected by, cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Given the prevalence of CVD in Ukraine and surrounding countries, the number of people whose cardiovascular health and healthcare is now compromised adds further life-threatening seriousness to the current emergency.

We join with other non-profit, humanitarian and civil society organisations in calling on National Governments, the European Union, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the international community at large to do everything possible to rapidly respond to the needs of the most vulnerable.

We know that our patient organisation affiliates are doing everything they can to offer support and help to those fleeing Ukraine and seeking shelter in surrounding countries.

The Global Heart Hub will work with our patient organisation affiliates in proximity to Ukraine to understand and respond as best we can to the challenges being faced by heart patients and their carers as they struggle to cope with their health challenges in the face of wartime distress and trauma.